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Sergey Kovalenko Nice Artwork

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These appealing animal/vegetable hybrids were born when Sergey Kovalenko entered a contest to design the mascot for MINT Lion, an advertising, design, and printing exhibition held in Minsk, Belarus. Sergey decided to take the challenge literally, drawing a lion made of mint leaves. He liked the results, and so did others: He won the contest.

Inspired by that success, Sergey created owl and deer illustrations in a similar style. They were likewise well received, so he began selling the trio as T-shirts. However, you don’t have to buy a shirt to enjoy the animals

you can find the origanl posting HERE at Adobe Inspire or just go to www. for more grate images.


Download Deer  iPhone Screen Saver (DOWNLOAD)


Download Lion  iPhone Screen Saver (DOWNLOAD)


Download Owl  iPhone Screen Saver (DOWNLOAD)

Sergey’s formal art education emphasized traditional media, such as paint, wood, and ceramics. As soon as he could afford a computer, he began teaching himself Adobe Photoshop. “Unfortunately, the computer mouse was not very comfortable to draw with,” Sergey remembers, “but when I went to work in a design studio, I discovered graphics tablets. I really liked the ease of use and convenience. Now my main tools are pencil, paper, Photoshop, and a Wacom Intuos Pro.”   


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