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Inking John Malkovitch (Temp Tattoos)

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Inking John Malkovitch

(from The agicTouch Newsletter- winter 2013)

Welcome to Have you ever watched a big blockbuster movie in the comfort of a squishy and usually squeaky chair in a cinema wondering how all of a sudden your favourite actor is covered in tattoos? Well it can be done in a few ways - one being by make up, which costs a vast amount of time and money, but another cost effective and time saving way (which is not often spoken of) is all down to an innovative use of print. TheMagicTouch has recently been recognised for its excellent contribution with a new full length feature film starring the charismatic international actor John Malkovitch. Due to having an Italian office in Milan the company was able to supply its unique temporary transfer paper to the production company for the film by Oscar winning director Gabriele Salvatores, who used the paper to create tattoos for the key characters that prominently feature in his new movie ‘Siberian Education’. The head of make up for Siberian Education, Maurizio Nardi, was on set to supervise the transfer application of the Siberian tattoo designs which produced nothing but stunning results in terms of durability and authenticity. In 2013 Maurizio was nominated for a David di Donatello Award (an Oscar for the make up industry).

After his experience working with TheMagicTouch tattoos he had this to say ‘Having been in the movie business for 30 years, I draw on my experience and passion, supported by the excellent tattoo transfer media from TheMagicTouch to create particular designs where the results must be realistic to ensure perfect continuity whilst filming over long periods.’ Throughout the 12 week period of filming over 300 different designs were produced on over 1000 sheets of A4 paper, taking over five weeks of preparation. Siberian Education is an adaptation of the Nicolai Lillin autobiography of the same name. Growing up in Transnitra, he found himself in a lawless community between Moldova and Ukraine that still holds a strict moral code. Malkovitch is playing Grandfather Kuyza who is there to teach them the ways and morals of an ‘honest criminal’

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