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CD Design/Artwork (Hung Like Hanratty) 50 Shades Of

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by AdminDarran | Posted in Artwork | No comments yet. | 991 views on this post

CD Design
One of our latest CD,s we have designed the artwork for>
This one is for a local punk band Hung Like Hanratty's new album "50 Shades Of". On the Flicknife record label.
As per the norm we were ask to design the Cover booklet (4 Pages) the Back the tray insert and the CD.
And all you get is an email box full of images from the band and some sort of outline design scribbled on a piece of paper with some unreadable text. And you think here we go were to start, to interpret what it is they invasion the end product to be.
But this one when so smooth it was unbelievable. The record label were a dream to work with. All the things like LC codes, Catalogue number, Barcodes and copy right logos were sent to us in record time. (Ha record time get it!!) Any way with just 2 revisions and it was done and with just one proof read by the band members. And it was signed off.
NEXT is say can i do more like this.
So keep an eye out for the release of their new CD 50 SHADES OF by Hung Like Hanratty. On the Flicknife Record label.
So if you are looking to have your new Music CD cover designed get in touch and we will be happy to help. We will work with your from inception to print ready artwork.
Pricing starting from as little as £180.00 up to £10,000+

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